Wind Instrument Lav Mount


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I would like to build some mounts to hold lav mics on to saxophone/clarinet/trumpet bells. I would like any suggestions on building these. My current idea is to attach heavy-gauge, flexible wire (that will hold it's position) to some type of soft-grip clips (to not dent the bells) and put a little lav clip on the end of that, as well as tie the lav wire on to the heavy-gauge wire with pieces of twist ties. I'm trying to find the type of clips to use right now. I have found some mini-clamps, but they are a little bit too big. The reason that I need wireless is because I am recording the Jazz Band Memorial Day Concert and I will need to mic soloists with our current wireless mics. I would love to get four of the ROAM-1 systems or the Samson Airline 77 systems, but we don't have the money.
For this, the Shure Beta 98H/C instrument microphone really shines, with its gooseneck + clamp. If your current wireless system is Shure, you can buy these and just plug them into your normal belt packs.

If that's a little out of your price range, or if you just plain don't want to, you've basically answered your own question. Remember lav mics are designed to pickup a signal a fair way away from the source.

What's stopping you from using the traditional method of setting up solo mics (SM57 ideal mic) and getting soloists to walk up to them? At least it's then obvious who's soloing.

I play trumpet - Classical and Big Band/Combo Jazz :) So I have a lot of experience in this area.
We've got a mix of old sure, new sure, and sennheiser wireless. I'm probably going to use the old sure systems (with the gain turned down) because they are cardioid, not omni (like the newer systems). We have 2 SM-57's, but the setup for this concert is rather interesting, so we're gonna use the wireless. This is gonna be my big senior recording project (proably the first and last one ever to happen at my school), and I'm hoping to get an firewire interface by then (somethin' like the new alesis iO|26 to do 8 groups). I'm going to use the school's 2 SM-57's, the two AT PRO-27's, the three E-815S's (CLEAN mics) some of my Samson 8-kit mics, and the school's wireless to do the recording; I will then run it through either my Ross 16 channel mixer or my Samson Mixpad 6, or if i'm lucky, I'll be able to use the school's mixer by then (which will hopefully fall in to my hands when we get a new one, because it doesn't have a fixed asset tag on it, which means it wasn't registered with the county, and since the drama teacher feels indebted to me, I think I'll get it). Wow. That definitely just broadened this topic.

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