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Jan 18, 2010
tourbus in europe
again i was looking today for a good solution for a wireless beltback bag. I was looking at all manufacture´s of wireless systems but was not happy with what they are offering.
I´ve seen a few over the years built by dressmakers but they all where not perfect.
Is there something on the market that you think is very good?

If not, why not do a new projekt to design a good one?

It should be made of a fabric that is water resistant because of HF damping.
It should be strengthened around the connector.
It should have a pull relief for the mik cable.
It should have multiple belt loops
The last thing i can think of is a small window for a name tag like an adress lable on a traveller´s bag.

Any body got any other suggestions on this?



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Sep 1, 2003
Chicago, IL
I'm a bit confused about your point on "HF Damping." What does the bag have to do with the frequency response of the mic?

We always built our own bags out of spandex-type material...see the other thread.


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Jan 22, 2009
Sydney, Australia
Wardrobe make all ours; wide elastic (Velcro fastened) with a calico pocket for the mic pack sewn onto it. The mic pocket has a tab to hold the pack in, Velcro to fasten the tab. A savvy sound operator can easily arrange the cable so that there's no strain on the connector; the cable and aerial come out one either side of the tab (at least with our Sennheiser packs). We've never had any problems at all with them - plus they're cheap and easy.
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