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The theatre I work for is currently pursuing new wireless com to replace our aging Telex BTR-700 unit. We initially pursued FreeSpeak, and it has some very exciting features, but we received less money from a grant than we had anticipated. We are now looking into HME DK410. Another local theatre uses HME DX200 and I've had some mixed reviews from crew there, the TD loves it. Any insight you could share about HME wireless com would be much appreciated.


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The eartech looks quite attractive. Digging in I see they are using the 1.9ghz DECT technology
I've been using DECT logitech headsets with the mumble server project, and it is very solid even in a facility
of hudreds of patrons/cell phones, and wireless mics, and multiple wifi signals. Cant recommend the mumble server
for a facility that actually has some money, but it has worked out great for me. Maybe eartech down the road were somebody to
uh.. leave us a bit as they take their final rest.


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We have had single muff ear tec’s at our venu for about three years. Connecting to our wired clearcom was easy and voice quality has been reasonable.

Two issues we have had. One if you have a big head they don’t fit very well. The ear pads are not very cushy . Second we keep breaking the mikes off of them ( could be our volunteer stage crew)

Repairs are quickly handled by the company

And the purchase price is low


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Eartec is what we spec and install, as well as what we use for wireless on our production side. They're solid, especially for the price. Its a small company but they have great service and haven't let us down. I would agree with John's negatives, they are accurate.

We have 2 HME sets, I forget which model, but they definitely compare while being a lot cheaper.

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