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Hello - all! Great to be back on CB. The pandemic moved my responsibilities elsewhere for a couple years, and I am now back to the theater work I had been doing.

Wondering if anyone has an easy way to create a new list of usable frequencies in the 14226 zip code (just outside Buffalo, NY)?

I opened my sound system for the first time in 2 years, and (predictably) discovered that television and other allocations have trampled my 20 unit wireless system, rendering 13 usable mics. The mics are mixed brand (AKG and Sennheiser). Based on what I am seeing, I am a little skeptical that I will be able to get all of them back up, but hoping for the best.

Since I have been out of it for a time, I understand I may have to seek out new equipment or make other shifts in thinking - open to what those are. If we need new equipment, recommendations of what frequency ranges to look into would be helpful.

Frequency sets I have are:
470-516 - Three (3) Sennheiser channels
500.1-530 - Ten (10) AKG channels
516-558 - Two (2) Sennheiser channels
570-600 - Five (5) AKG channels (4/5 currently have interference)

Thank you for any help you might offer!


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With a mixed bag of makes/models there isn't a particular advantage to any single manufacturer's software, but having both Shure's Wireless Workbench and Sennheiser's WSM



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Sorry for the delay - had to look all those up - Thank you for any assistance!

Frequency sets I have are:
Sennheiser ew 100 G3 (2) and ew 300 G3 (1) Band A1 - 470-516 - Three (3) total channels
AKG WMS 450 - Band 7 - 500.1-530 - Ten (10) channels
Sennheiser ew 100 G3 - Band A 516-558 - Two (2) Sennheiser channels
AKG WMS 450 - Band 8 - 570.1-600 - Five (5) channels (4/5 currently have interference)


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Here you go. This may work. If you don't already have it, I'd be looking at how to get proper antenna distribution so you don't have a nest of half-wave antennas with all those Rx.


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A variable I have not seen mentioned yet on this thread is that with Buffalo’s close proximity to Canada they will be all kinds of frequency interference from southern Ontario. Canada has a different set of rules compared to the FCC here in the United States. As somebody who lives and works just up the road in Rochester I deal with this from time to time as well.

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