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Hey! Here is a question for you more video minded indivijals.

For one act, I need to pipe a video signal from onstage up to the booth, where an lcd projector will throw it back down to the stage. I have one coax line that runs from a spot tower to backstage, but we use that to have a video signal backstage for stagehands/performers, etc. Is there a good solution to send video signal wirelessly about 150-200 ft?
If you're going to go with consumer wifi video gear, I'd plan on using the hard line for your production and the wifi for your backstage video. It's likely far less critical if that drops or the quality is poor.

Pro wifi video gear is very expensive but it does work. I wouldn't expect the stuff to be in your budget, frankly. A cartridge or velcro pack for a camera is a $3K - $4K investment, generally.

www.markertek.com is a good place to look at options and prices online for this sort of thing.
do you have cat5 lines running up there???

There is a product (Called Magenta) Which converts Video signal to cat 5 and back again with a transmitter/receiver pair.

Cat5 is cheap.

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