working on a new ultra-compact DMX recorder/player/receiver

Jul 30, 2011
Santa Clarita, CA
Hi everyone,

I'm working on a theme park project where I'm building a 3 in 1 DMX unit and wanted to get some feedback from the members to see the commercial viability of such a unit for applications beyond the project.

Current features:
Record mode:
- Record any DMX stream (full 512 channels) onto SD card (storage is based on SD card size)
- Can record 3 show files

Player mode:
- 2 external trigger buttons to start 2 of the show files
- can be set to have 3rd show play as default once the triggered shows are done

Receiver mode:
- On board 8 channel LED driver (500mA each)
- Fully DMX512 addressable via dip switch

Because there is an onboard 10 position dip switch, we essentially have 1024 different configurations to work with. Of course, 512 of them will be dedicated to DMX addressing, but beyond 512, we can set different modes of operation, such as looping the DMX streams, one shot playback, erase files, etc...

This single unit can serve multiple uses if daisy chained together --- the first unit can act as a master outputting DMX signals to the slaves down the DMX chain.

Because this is designed for space constrained applications, we've packed the board size down to approx 3inch wide x 2 inch long x 3/4 inch tall.

So the question is, what other features would you see useful in this DMX unit? What's it worth to you and what are some similar products on the market? I understand the features of our device may not be unique but the reason why we've been commissioned to do this is for the size constraints --- I haven't seen anything on the market with these features at the 2inch x 3inch x 3/4inch mark.

Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks!

- Quan

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