Would you design a Show that required that amount of Fixtures then leave someone else to run it?

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1 MA Lighting grandMA
1 MA Lighting grandMA Light
5 High End Systems Catalyst v.3 Media Server
36 Amptown Washlight HP
9 High End Systems DL-1
14 ETC Source Four® 750W 10°
24 ETC Source Four 750W 36°
14 ETC Source Four 750W 50°
64 DTS PAR 64 1kW
16 ETC Source Four® PAR MCM
24 Selecon Pacifica 90° 800W
12 Skypan Skypan 5 kW
24 DTS PAR 16 Birdie
24 PSI Multi Task LED
3 Robert Juliat Spot 2.5 kW Long Throw
26 Altman UV 250 Short Throw
68 Altman UV 705 Long Throw
6 Wildfire WF-400E
3 DMX-steuerbar 2-lamp Fluorescents 24°
6 DMX-steuerbar 1-lamp Fluorescents 48°
4 DMX-steuerbar 2-lamp Fluorescents 48°
48 Martin Atomic 3000
33 Martin Atomic Colors
9 High End Systems AF-1000
7 Diversitronics ESM for Source Four
13 Diversitronics ESM for Selecon Pacifica
100 Wybron Dowser
5 Wybron PSU 24 Ch
7 Wybron PSU 12 Ch
4 DF 50 Hazer

for one show, who wants to design it? :p lol, just looking up on the Blue Man Group, becasue they kick @ss, and i'm really bored, i just think thats a lot of lights and coffee.
for the blue man group in berlin that wasn't the case. Marc Brickman designed it and ran it.
I'd definitely leave a show in someone else's hands, but that person must be fully competent. Of course on a production that size, it isn't as if they're hiring just anybody.

So many elements of tech involve trust, not only to put on a great show, but also to put on a safe show.
I do it regularly... I come in, design, set it all up, train someone to run the set-up I've got going for the show, I stick around for a few rehearsals, and then I give them an emergency number. I try to pop my head in at least once unannoucned to make sure they are doing their light checks and stuff....
By the time my show opens, I had at best get some time off. Seems like a normal touring rig. I'm sure after rehearsal or at most a few shows the designer has other shows to do or vacation to start.

Question might be why one would not trust one's show in another person's hands? Do you expect that if you design a great show someone might not do just as good a job running your show?
Hmm I said maybe beacuse though normally I wouldn't, if I wanted to I would.
Sounds like something I do all the time.
Design a tour, leave it in the hands of the ME
Come in program a corporate show, walk away.

Of course more and more with the corporates i walk in a stay as they are usually only a couple days long.

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