WTB/Trade Trackspots for Source Fours


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I am in need of 3-4 LWR/HES Trackspots for a project. Anyone got some laying around collecting dust?

Ideally, these fixtures will be in working condition or at least needing minor (inexpensive) repairs. In return, I can trade for an equal number of ETC Source Four 750 Ellipsoidals. These ellipsoidals will be clean, working, and in excellent condition.

The more the merrier: I have 6 ellipsoidals I can trade which came off a retrofit job. I'll have to check the beam angles - I believe they are 36 or 50's.

Other parts like Source Four lamp caps can also be included to sweeten the deal. You pay to ship them to me in DFW (76210) and I'll pay to ship the S4's to you.


I can also discuss cash offers for your unused Trackspots.

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