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WTD Lighting Design Tech - San Jose, CA

Discussion in 'CB Classifieds' started by Matthew Galvin, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. Matthew Galvin

    Matthew Galvin New Member

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    San Jose, CA
    This is a work-for-hire 1099 position located in San Jose, CA - bring your own DMX console/software and/or build modifiable looks into our EOS environment (currently running Nomad in EOS on a Windows PC).
    Most of the work would be done in accordance with the venue event schedule, position applicants would not have to be onsite during the actual events, but would have to come onsite during breaks in the action - might be some nights and weekends, but could work around applicant schedule to a degree.
    The overall design work would incorporate:
    Synchronization of cues with music and/or video
    8 Clay Paky Mythos
    4 Elation snipers
    1-2 Fogger machine(s)
    Occasional rental fixtures, C02, etc.
    Additional low wattage LED fixtures (small pars) - as needed
    Additional floor-positioned Clay Paky Mythos
    LED worklight fixtures - as needed for effect
    Occasional elipsoidals - 30+ source 4 pars and qty 6 19-23 degree ellipsoidal, mounted in a square grid, or straight truss
    Occasional rental fixtures at discretion of budget and availability
    Assist with storing and recalling cues into ETC Paradigm System (no experience necessary with Paradigm)
    Assist with operational improvements (DMX cabling, network integration, and systems integration)
  2. TheTheaterGeek

    TheTheaterGeek EOS Addict Premium Member Fight Leukemia

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    Lighting Designer, Programmer, Student
    Pomona, CA

    Im a Los Gatos local that currently lives in LA.

    Id love to get more info in this position.

    My Website ( )has production photos, and i will happily send my resume on request.
    I have my own nomad setup ans well as being EOS Certified so I can run with either system.

    [email protected]

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