Wybron Autopilot Parts


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Hello All,

I've been following posts on here for many years, but I only just joined.

I was hoping a few people might be able to help me out.
Between a colleague an I we have be playing with an old Autopilot system with an amature theatre group in the UK.

They were donated the kit and have been using it a few years. But parts are beginning to fail.
Does anyone have an parts or bits of Autopilot systems they might want to shift on that we could have or buy?

Does any one have experience with the system and can maybe offer advice to help keep it going a little longer?

Many thanks for any input you have.


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Welcome, @JonLX . Have you tried these guys? They're US-based and mostly focused on scrollers, but since it's a bunch of former Wybron employees they might be your best bet for getting leads on parts.


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Hi @Les, Thanks for the reply.
I have sent those guys an email but have had no response. Might give them a call as I'm in Canada right now so the time difference shouldn't be too bad.

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