Wybron CXI Scroll Alignment Issues


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Hey Everyone,

I'm having trouble with a Wybron CXI and I can't quite put my finger on what the problem might be. Here are some details. I've done a lot of troubleshooting here, but am happy to hear any thoughts obvious or less so.

For the most part, my fixture is behaving normally. The problem is that the frames are not aligning in the opening (off by about 1" or so). Both strings have the same problem (so the part of the opening that is actually in the correct color is 2" less wide). I've tried replacing the strings and retensioning the rollers, but I am always the same amount off. The really odd part is that I have two fixtures that are behaving the same way while the rest of my inventory is acting properly. I had talked with a distributor about the specifications of the Gel Strings should it be possible that the ones we have were not the right length, but it seems that they fit the specs.

The only thought I have is that this might be a be a problem with the spring in the one roller because when I have the device powered up and in a frame, I can move the scroller with my hand an inch or so without any real effort.
I know the roller replacement is involved, so I'm hesitant to start swapping parts with a good scroller just to see if it fixes it. I'd love to know if you all had any thoughts.


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Not a Wybron expert, but do know plenty about scrollers, so hopefully I can help a bit.
Is every frame off about the same amount and in the same direction from head to tail? If so, check the length of the head and tail frames. If the frame is too long or short, it will cause the string to be off in every frame. For example, if the head is short, it will wind too far and go into the next frame, if is too long, it won't wind far enough to pull the string completely into the next frame.
Are the strings still in good shape, with the gel still laying flat and not wrinkled? Wrinkled frames will cause the string to not roll up properly and will cause a "drifting" error, as in it may not be the same amount each time and some frames will be okay while others are not.
If neither of those are an obvious cause, your best bet might be to start swapping parts to find the problem. Just be sure to swap one part at a time to keep track of what is happening.
Your description of the rollers being easy to move makes me suspect the motor. A good motor will have 35-45 ohms resistance, if it is higher then the motor is beginning to fail. If you have more info, perhaps I can help you zero in on the problem. Check on our website: http://www.wybron-scroller-parts.com/ for parts availability and a phone number for me.

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