Yamaha PM5D


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My church just rented a PM5D for christmas and because we are considering buying it. I was lucky enought to get trained on it and was very suprised at it. I am used to an analog board, primarily a Mackie 1604 as well as several other large size mixers. At this point i am hoping the normal board for our church dies so we get the 5D


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well that certainly will be a major upgrade, talk about opposite ends of the spectrum ;-)
from 500 dollars to 50,000 dollars


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Wow. Definatley! What a change eh? I have used the Yamaha PM5D once or twice in the showroom, and it is pretty phenomenal how it changes your understanding. I do still love the old Analogue boards though.

Sharyn is right indeed.. $500 to $50,000!

Fantastic! :grin:


I have never been lucky enough to use a digital board. From what I have heard they can be quite handy. How different are they from analog?


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I really enjoyed being able to have a graphic eq for each channel, as well as the onboard compresser.


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i still like analog desks, they give the allusion of technical when your sitting FOH the desk and then the other rack of stuff

i have never worked on a digital desk designed for live mixing so i can't compare the thing i have discovered when we switched lighting desks from a desk to a computer controlled system is there is 1million menu's to look through to solve your problem unlike the actual desk that had a really simple setup


welp ive used a 5d a d5 a tt24 a dm2000 and a few others the real thing is here no matter what the price they are basically big computers and think about this...
how many times does your computer screw up??? well based on those boards ive crashed the most expensive and least expensive one on that list

the possibilities with some digital boards are darn near endless with a touch of a button and not patching upon patching of cables

user prefrence and ease of use is varied from board to board

im rambling a bit but really it comes down to

what are ya using it for how much do ya want to spend for what kinda of project

haha end of random rambling for the day
Wow. There are a 101 ways that a Digital board is different to an Analogue. Don't really know where to get started!

There are way more than 101! :grin:

Love the built-in FX racks/equivalent and definitely the fader and scene recall.
If you're jumping from something like the 1604 to a digital, go for the shiny new LS9 - but that's a different thread! :)

Me like PM5D, we've got one at work, a couple of MC7Ls, and we regularly hire in D1s and D5s. For musical work, which I do a lot of the whole recallable thing is great!

The main thing I've noticed though is the flexibility, especially on patching, effects, processing etc. Being able to put an individual graphic on a troublesome channel is really useful.

Oh yes, and my back's noticing I don't have to carry in a huge rack of outboard any more :p

What Rigger?

I'm so fly....I Neverland.
The PM5D exists solely so it can crash on you and f*ck your whole day.

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