Yet Another Strand 300 Question

OK, Today when i turned on the board, my house lights would not work at all.

I re patched them, tried the little white box that we have with it, and i even tried re startng and reloading the show.

Does anyone know what is wrong here?

Thanks in advance

Most commonly when we have that problem we just need to visit the circuit board and find that the circuit breakers are flipped.

Are your houselights just with the rest of your lights on dimmers?
When ours are, we find they generally don't work because:
* Soft patching we've forgotten.
* They're unplugged up by the lamps.
* Someone's messed with the dimmer pack settings. (ie. not addressed correctly, circuit breakers flipped,
* Every single light bulb has blown :D
* We have a scene parked and forget to change from park to subs etc.
* We've gone into edit mode and something has gone drastically wrong.

I'm sorry I can't help much.
Have you looked upstream of hte desk?

Go on the Patch screen and hit DIMR ## ON where ## is the dimmer # for some or all of hte house lights. Do they come on now? This directly toggles the DMX channel to on regardless of anything else on the board.

If they don't come on, first thing I'd do is check the breakers on the circuits - tripped or off? Reset them even if they don't look like they're tripped.

Lamps are good?

Is the DMX cable plugged into the board? In the setup menu, do you have the right DMX universe assigned to the socket your line to the dimmers is plugged into?
Does saving to frequently hurt anything?

im a paraniod person when it coems to saving, if i cahnge one thing ill save right after that. if i have the star byt the name i will save. it jsut a habit. i also programed the user key to save and bring me back to the live screen.

i just want to make sure its not going to hurt or overload anything.
I dont think it hurts anything. also if there are others touching the board save it to a disk and then you will always have a backup copy.

Thanks everyone for your help with my houselight problem. It turns out that someone played with the dimmer rack and had turned off the dimmers there. I agreed not to play with that. I am the only one who really has privlages in my school for lighting other than 2 teachers and they wouldnt touch it. It makes me wonder if some student was in there screwing around with it. I wonder what we are going to come across during our show The Dining Room

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