yo from Dan

Hi, I'm Dan and I'm In year 7. Ive just discovered the art of lighting and I think its really cool! I also think this site is the best!! HELLO EVERYONE! :D

See my journal! (Under Dan-Greaves)
sweet. Its always nice to see kids startinng early. I started about the same time as you. I've been doing lighting and anyother tech for...... 7 years now. (yikes. has it been that long???) you're about the same age as 12yearoldlightingdesigner (dunno if I got the username right) and he's one of my best middle school tech's
And dan!, I'm glad that there is someone else my age out there as well, now i don't feel so lonesome! :D ( And producer, yes, you did get my name right!)
back on?????? Its you who havent been on for a long time.

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