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Your Lighting Inventory

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by MNicolai, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. MNicolai

    MNicolai Well-Known Member Fight Leukemia

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    Sarasota, FL
    I'm curious what sort of scale everyone here works on, so if you have a few moments, please post your lighting inventory, maybe a rep light plot or something of that flavor.

    Here's what we have @ Oconomowoc High School

    It's not a lot, but we're also currently displaced, limited only to a 125-seat space, which will be under renovation until October. Once we get our new Arts Center up in late November we'll be purchasing...

    • Oconomowoc Arts Center
      • Fixtures
        • Source Four
          • (x6) 10°
          • (x25) 19°
          • (x20) 26°
          • (x20) 36°
          • (x12) 15°/30°
          • (x12) 25°/50°
          • (x24) PAR EA
        • L&E
          • (x5) Broadcyc (3-cell) units
        • Strong
      • Control & Dimming System
        • ETC Congo Jr. (1024 outputs)
        • (x3) ETC Sensor+ 48 Dimmer Rack
          • (x140) Dual 20a dimmer mods)
        • ETC ER4 Processing Rack
        • Architectural Stations

    What do you have?
  2. derekleffew

    derekleffew Resident Curmudgeon Senior Team Premium Member

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    Las Vegas, NV, USA
    Looks to be a nice, workable space. (But I must inquire as to the wisdom of a Congo Jr. in a space with no moving lights, or for a high school in general.)

    To answer your question, my primary venue, a 16,000-seat arena, has 10 Strong 2K Xenon Super Trouper LTs. That's all. All other lighting is rented and brought in on a per show basis. It's really the only workable way, as each show has different and diverse requirements. It's the same reason Broadway theatres provide only Houselights and power.
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2008
  3. Sean

    Sean Active Member

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    Alexandria, VA
    Here ya go....

    This is a partial inventory of our new space, Sidney Harman Hall. We have a slightly smaller, but very similar inventory down the street at our other space. I'm at home and have some purchasing documents on my personal machine.

    The Acclaim PC's are used in our event room.....think small ballroom.

    12 Source Four 10°
    32 Source Four 14°
    120 Source Four 19°
    160 Source Four 26°
    140 Source Four 36°
    40 Source Four 50°
    6 Source Four 70°
    100 Source Four PAR

    50 Altman PAR-64 Black Steel

    18 L&E 6’ ministrips/trunions
    24 Selecon 650W Acclaim PC
    24 Selecon 8" Arena Fresnel
    20 Selecon Aurora Cyc 3 way
    12 Selecon Aurora Groundrow 3 way

    10 ETC Source-Four Revolution
    10 Revolution RWM
    10 Revolution SM
    2 Revolution IM

    62 Wybron ColoRam IT 7.5"
    4 ColoRam 24-way power supply for above

    2 Unique 2 Hazer

    2 Lycian M2 Follow Spot

    1 Eos console 4000

    654 Sensor AF dimmers (636 20amp, 18 50amp)
    48 Smart Switch Non-dim
  4. MNicolai

    MNicolai Well-Known Member Fight Leukemia

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    Sarasota, FL
    Isn't really much wisdom behind it. They decided on that sometime last year before an Ion was available. They didn't spec a master playback wing for it either, but I've requested once the facility is handed over to us from the contractors that we strongly consider purchasing one, but since they don't even know if they'll have the money for risers, I don't know if that'll go through. I know we are getting a Wenger concert shell system though, for a couple hundred thousand dollars, plus pit fillers, but not a hydraulic lift, but that's alright.

    It'd be hard to say there won't be moving lights; I know we won't have any, but it will be a roadhouse available for rent with shows coming through which we've contracted in, so I wouldn't be surprised if every once in awhile something intelligent shows up, but it would be maybe once or twice a year, if that. Not a lot to bank on for putting a Congo Jr. in, but mind you, the specs were made before the Ion was announced, though I did mention it to the project managers, but apparently it's too difficult to change something that's already on paper.

    They outdid us on the sound system. Yahmaha LS9-32 digital mixer, bunch of wireless mic's, speakers, the works. So I can't say I have much to complain about until we walk into the space and I can ask, "Why did we buy ____ when we should've purchased _____?"
  5. IlyaSmirnov

    IlyaSmirnov Member

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    UMD, College Park, MD
    We've got a 700-person auditorium at Poudre HS, here's our inventory as best I can remember/estimate it (still new to lighting, so I don't know precise numbers):

    • Fixtures
    • Dimming
      • EDI SCRimmer II - 96? circuits
    • Control
      • Horizon PC software
      • EDI Plus board - backup

    Cheers, mate, hope that helps!
  6. MNicolai

    MNicolai Well-Known Member Fight Leukemia

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    Sarasota, FL
    I hate to tell you this, but your cross-section sheet looks like something that came out of Sim Tower.
  7. Sean

    Sean Active Member

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    Alexandria, VA
    Nice... ;)

    I don't see it, but I've never played Sim Tower.

  8. dramatech

    dramatech Well-Known Member

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    Winter Haven, FL
    Our theater is a 360 seat house owned by the city and provided at a small percentage of the "door" for a community theater. I am paid as a master electrician, on a per show basis. Because I am retired with a decent retirement, and don't want to deal with self employment taxes, I use the money to buy lighting and sound equipment for the theater. I make the decisions of what to purchase, and usually look for equipment on ebay. I look for equipment, that may need minor repairs to get the most for my money. About 40% of what I will list was purchased by me and the rest was at the theater when I arrived four years ago. The theater is just now starting it's 39th season. We also have a small blackbox theatre that seats 60.

    66 Source 4 bodies
    24 50* lenses
    29 36* lenses
    14 26* lenses
    10 19* lenses

    22 Altman 360Q 6 X 12
    5 Colortran 30*
    1 Altman Microelipse

    15 Electrocontrol 8" fresnel
    9 Electrocontrol 6" fresnel
    7 Altman 8" fresnel
    10 Altman 6" fresnel
    28 ETC PARNel
    27 ETC PAR
    12 PAR 56
    12 Electrocontrol Striplights 4circuit 12 PAR 40s
    12 Chauvet LED color pars

    EDI rack with 120 2.4K dimmers
    Electrocontrol dimmers in custom built rack for house lights 5 x 3.6k
    84 1.2k dimmers in various configurations that I manufactured
    15 pulse width modulation dimmers that I manufactured for use in dimming LEDs

    Compulite Micron 4D console
    ETC Express 125
    Chauvet stagesetter 48
    Behringer LC2412
    Jands 24 channel
    (Some of the consoles were given to me broken and I rebuilt them) the Compulite is my own personal board.

    6 Apollo Q6 scrollers
    9 Rainbow two 16 scrollers
    5 Original Chroma Qs
    5 custom made scroller power supplies

    I'm sure that I have forgotten something, but this will give you the general idea.
  9. Grog12

    Grog12 CBMod CB Mods Premium Member

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    Denver, CO
    Where I currently work until Thursday:

    415 Seat flexible apron theatre:

    ETC Source 4 ERS Bodies 99
    ETC Source 4 ERS 26° Barrels – 38 Total
    ETC Source 4 ERS 36° Barrels – 40 Total
    ETC Source 4 ERS 50° Barrels – 21 Total
    ETC Source 4 PARnel 25
    ETC Source 4 PAR (WFL, MFL, NSP) 10
    Procan PAR64 (WFL, MSP, NSP) 26
    Kliegl 8” Fresnel 10
    Berkey Colortran ZOOM ERS (20° to 40°) 6
    Berkey Colortran 20° ERS 2
    Berkey Colortran 30° ERS 22
    Altman (6 Cell) Ground CYC 14

    Vari*Lite VL3000 SPOT 3
    Vari*Lite VL2412 SPOT 2

    ETC Sensor Dimmers 96 3

    200 Seat Black Box:

    ETC Source 4 ERS Bodies 80
    ETC Source 4 ERS 26° Barrels – 20 Total
    ETC Source 4 ERS 36° Barrels – 30 Total
    ETC Source 4 ERS 50° Barrels – 30 Total
    ETC Source 4 PARnel 15
    ETC Source 4 PAR 750 10

    Procan PAR64 1000 16
    Kliegl 8” Fresnel 1000 7
    Berkey Colortran 30° ERS 14
    Berkey Colortran 40° ERS 6
    Altman Q-Lite Flood 4

    Vari*Lite VL1000 575 1
    Vari*Lite VL1000 AS 1
    Vari*Lite VL2412 WASH 1

    ETC Sensor Dimmers 96 3
    Flex Between the Two Spaces:

    ETC Source 4 Jr. Zoom (25° to 50°) ERS 6
    ETC Source 4 ERS 10° Barrels – 1 Total
    ETC Source 4 ERS 19° Barrels – 6 Total
    ETC Source 4 ERS 26° Barrels – 6 Total
    Selecon Pacific 90° 2
    Altman Shakespeare 30° ERS 3
    Colortran 16” Focusing Scoop 4
    Procan PAR16 WFL Birdie 6
    L&E Micro-Fill Flood 6
    L&E Mini-Strip (20 Cell/4 Circuit) 5

    Apollo Smart Move™ DMX Gobo Rotator 4
    Apollo Smart PowerDMX Power Supply 1
    Apollo Smart Move™ DMX Power Supply 1
    Diversitronics S4 ERS DMX Strobe Module 1
    Rosco IMAGEPRO Gobo Slide Projector - 3
    Wybron Forerunner 7” Color Scroller - 10
    Wybron Forrunner 16 Head Power Supply 1

    This doesn't include our dance studio and small acting space both of which get all the barely working crap.


    Hog3PC with Programming and Playback interface. 1 Super Widget
    Hog2PC Wiget
    Express 48/96
    Strand 520i
    Emphasis with Emxpression Faceplate

    When I know what I've got in the new place I'll post it.
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2008
  10. derekleffew

    derekleffew Resident Curmudgeon Senior Team Premium Member

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    Las Vegas, NV, USA
    Wow, it's already evident: "The size of the boys is the price of their toys" (or something like that).;) I was remiss in not stating my venue type; I think that is an important criterion for this discussion.
  11. bdkdesigns

    bdkdesigns Active Member Fight Leukemia

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    Orlando, FL
    Here's ours:


    ETC Source 4 50° Jr. : 50
    ETC Source 4 50° : 53
    ETC Source 4 36° : 50
    ETC Source 4 26° : 50
    ETC Source 4 19° : 50
    ETC Source 4 10° Barrel: 1

    Strand Axial Bodies : 115 (some of these may be sold)
    Strand Radial Bodies : 62 (these are going away this week)
    4.5x6.5 Lens : 10
    6x9 Lens : 80
    6x12 Lens : 85
    Strand 2250 Lekolite : 9
    Strand 6x16 : 30
    Strand 6x12SL : 8
    Strand 8x13 : 22
    Strand 10x24 : 3

    Altman 3.5x5 : 8
    Altman 4.5 Zoom : 9
    Altman 6x16 : 19


    Various 6" (light lab): 10
    Altman 1KAF 6" : 30
    Strand 8" : 24
    Altman 8" : 10
    Century 8" : 3
    ETC ParNEL : 30


    ETC Par : 50
    Various Par 64 Bodies : 58
    Way more than enough VNSP, NSP, MFL, WFL due to an ordering error a long time ago.


    Altman 14" Focusing Scoop : 10 (work lights)
    10" Scoop : 2
    Mole Richardson Nook Lights : 4
    GAM Stik-ups : 12
    L&E Mini Strips : 10
    Strand 3 Cell Far Cyc : 8
    Altman 3 Cell Sky Cyc : 6
    Lycian 1266 Follow Spot : 2
    Le Maitre Neutron Hazer : 2
    Le Maitre G300 : 1
    Le Maitre G150 : 2
    Silent Storm Snow Machine : 4
    GAM Film Loop : 2
    APOLLO Smart Move Gobo Rotator : 5

    Mainstage has 5 CD-80 racks with the Johnson Systems CD-2000 Retrofit
    currently installing : ETC Unison
    ETC ION as a satellite console
    Both the EOS and ION will have their own dedicated fader wings

    Our Blackbox is getting an ETC Sensor+ rack
    ETC Unison
    ETC ION with its own fader wings
    We also purchased 50 ETC Dimmer Doubling Multiplexers

    Our Dance Space is getting an ETC Sensor+ Rack with 48? dimmers installed with planned future expansion (several years down the road)
    ETC Smartlink
    ETC Express 48/96
    (some of the above multiplexers will be used here)

    We also have an Expression 3 for the National Tour Console (looking into upgrading to an ION after this years tour) and also an ETC Smart Fade for the in state educational outreach tour and rentals.

    We also have a contigency fund with the upgrade (so far untapped, lets keep our fingers crossed). With this money on top of some additional departmental funds, we hope to raise the ETC Source 4 inventory to 75 of each type, 15 more ETC Parnels, some 26° and 36° Source 4 Jrs, Color Scrollers, and Elation LED Par Cans (not sure on what model) for the Dance Space.

    The EOS was obtained with additional funding that we got back. The school shifted some funds around taking some out of our initial budget. We got it back with the agreement that it would give us the EOS and allow us to go a little more "green" (which is HUGE here). The Elation LED's were a part of this extra money as well as the phasing out of the Strand units. Next year, we should hopefully be able to totally eliminate our Strand ERS inventory with 100 of each degree S4.
  12. midgetgreen11

    midgetgreen11 Active Member

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    Rhode Island
  13. derekleffew

    derekleffew Resident Curmudgeon Senior Team Premium Member

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    Las Vegas, NV, USA
    I'm curious about this, as one of our members keeps stating "a 360Q with GLC lamp can outperform a Source4". It doesn't seem very green to eliminate:
    Strand 6x12SL : 8
    Strand 8x13 : 22
    Strand 10x23 : 3,
    particularly as those equivalent S4s cost so much more than the regular ones.

    And I'd look into Solaris, Weidamark, or other generic PAR64 LEDs before deciding on AmDJ. Was it you who asked about this earlier? If not, there's a thread on it, somewhere.

    I sure would like a gray die-cast aluminum radial Leko for my collection.;)
  14. bdkdesigns

    bdkdesigns Active Member Fight Leukemia

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    Orlando, FL
    OOPS, I just noticed my typo on the 10x23

    Those units in particular will be some of the ones that stay. Mainly it is the 4.5x6.5, 6x9, and 6x12, 6x16 units that will be ousted.

    As for the Gray Die-Cast Aluminum Radials...I THINK they are going for $5 a piece plus shipping (no connector or safety cable). At least that is what was discussed awhile ago. Also, if the shutters don't work, I've been told to just straight up throw them out (most likely just a little TLC is needed but they don't want the hastle). Those units would also be stripped of their clamp. However, there MIGHT be a recently graduated student coming to visit here from Vegas. I might be able to arrange a pick-up to save on shipping. ;)

    One thing I have never understood, what is the difference between the 6x12 and the 6x12SL? If I'm not mistaken, SL stands for Single Lens right?
  15. len

    len Well-Known Member

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    Venue: Wherever I can get hired.
    Client: Mostly weddings it seems. But they're easy and they pay well.

    Current inventory:

    4 ETC S4 Ellipsoidals with various barrels
    24 Pacific Rim generic LED par 64
    24 Pacific Rim generic LED par 38
    36 Chauvet Pin Spots
    Various stands brackets, pipe lengths, etc
    About 1 mile of 14/3 edison cable

    Most everything else is rented. The ROI on a moving light is so poor I wouldn't think of buying any. But the LEDs were paid for within 6 rentals.

    Renting is so easy for me, since I'm in the Chicago area and have access to at least a dozen production houses I can get anything I want.
  16. derekleffew

    derekleffew Resident Curmudgeon Senior Team Premium Member

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    Las Vegas, NV, USA
    SL in this case does stand for Single Lens, as the other 6x12 (#2212) has two plano-convex lenses, with an effective focal length of the lens train of 6". The #2112 has an EFL of 12", and is thus designed for much longer throws, has a longer barrel, and isn't compatible with the x4.5, x9, x12, x16 series.

    Historical note about the gray die-cast aluminum Lekos: interchangeable lens tubes in the late 1960s! And then in, 1978, the lens tubes are still compatible with the new axial fixtures! Strand-Century used to be such an industry leader and innovator, what happened?:(
  17. Dustincoc

    Dustincoc Active Member

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    Madrid, New York
    I was starting to think I was the only one with 360Q's as the main ERS.

    21x Altman 360Q 4.5x6.5
    40x Altman 360Q 6x9
    56x Altman 360Q 6x12
    15x Altman 360Q 6x16
    5x Altman 360Q 6x22
    6x Colortran 5/50
    11x Minizoom
    3x S4 36'
    10+ Times Square zoom ERS(Never used)

    19x Par 64
    8x 6" Fresnel
    10x Beam Projectors
    6x 3cir. Halogen? striplights
    assorted 3 and 4 cir r40 strips

    ETC Express 24/48
    96x ETC Sensor Dimmers(2.4k)
  18. TimMiller

    TimMiller Well-Known Member

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    Houston, Tx
    Since i run and own a production company, we dont have a nice pretty house to work in, (yet i would love to get a house job) we have

    18 mac 500's and 600's
    12 roboscan 918's
    8 studio beams
    18 X-spots
    2 studio spot CMY
    14 color pro II's
    6 I beams
    soon to get butt load of cybers
    3 coemar super cyc 2.4k
    8 CF-1200 he's
    2 lycian 1200w follow spots
    1 strong canto 1200w follow spot
    array of conventional
    EDI, Strand, Leprecon Dimmers
    60k rig, 120k rig
    Hog II
    2x Hog 1000
    1 Hog 500 (for sale)
    and i'm sure there is plenty more i am for getting
    massive amounts of audio
  19. SerraAva

    SerraAva Active Member

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    Southern New Jersey
    Let's see, the one place I still kinda call 'home' is my high school theatres. First, the inventory for the 2500 seat theatre:

    19 Degree Source Fours 70
    26 Degree Source Fours 20
    15-30 Degree Color Tran Zooms 20
    30 Degree Color Trans 20
    20 Degree Color Trans 20
    10 Degree Color Trans 10

    Wash Lights
    Source Four Pars 90
    Color Tran 8" Fresnels 30
    Color Tran 6" Fresnels 20
    Color Tran Cyc Lights 8 3x1 Units
    R40 8' Border Strips 12

    Control and Dimming
    ETC Express 48/96
    Color Tran Encore XL (Big green, clunky 'go' button of world destruction)
    i Series Color Tran 96 Racks, 4 (They are the Sensor clones)

    The 600 seat smaller theatre:

    19 Degree Source Fours 10
    26 Degree Source Fours 20
    36 Degree Source Fours 10
    Altman 360Qs 20

    Wash Lights
    Source Four Pars 40
    Par 64s 10
    Altman 6" Fresnels 20

    Dimming and Control
    ETC Express 125
    ETC 96 Sensor Rack
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2008
  20. rosebudld

    rosebudld Member

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    Effingham, IL
    I work in a 1500 seat venue that does tie ins and local community theatre, but is pretty much a road house stop for older country and comedy (think casino type of stuff):

    01 ETC Expression 3 (No RRFU!)
    96 ETC Sensor+ Dimmers
    06 DMX Break-outs
    01 Enttec DMX-USB Pro
    01 Freestyler DMX512 software

    04 Elation Design Spot 250
    12 ETC Source Four 10° 750w
    04 ETC Source Four 19° 750w
    18 ETC Source Four 36° 750w
    04 ETC Source Four 50° 750w
    30 ETC Source Four Par EA (w/ VN, N, M, & W lenses) 750w
    40 Par 64 1000w
    08 Altman 3-cell Econo Sky Cycs
    16 Apollo Smart Color 7.25
    02 Crappy house followspots (w/ FEL1000w bulbs)

    That pretty much wraps up my list.. I am being allowed to put together a wish list, and trimmable electrics is going to be my top wish I think since all of them are dead hung at 30' right now. I'm going to ask for some line sets for borders and teasers too, but we'll see how far things get first.

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