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Ok, let's all share pics from our lighting gigs. It would be cool to see what everyone else is doing. Plus its a great way to get feedback and ideas! Here's my pics

1 - This is a pictures from the back of our theatre (our preacher is on stage)

2 - This was during a youth service. The only reason I picked this pic is because of the backlighting of the cross, it looked so sweet!

3 - This picture was during our baptism service. I love the fingers (just PAR 56s secured onto a ladder which is on the floor next to the CYC).

4 - Easter pre-service.

5 - Sermon cue. Also kind of gives you a sense of what our theatre is like.

Let me know if you have any feedback, can't wait to see everyone else's!!! Zw
I'm impressed. I really like the colors on the cyc in the first one, and the "fingers" are really cool.

I'll have to search to see if any bands took pics from the last shows I did...but theirs usually don't turn out very good. Fans always take pictures with the flash on...and it always washes out the color on stage. You'd think these people would learn by now. Saturday a DVD is being made off a show I'm doing....and once I get my free copy I'll try to make some clips available for download. Now if I could just get the trucking company to deliver my truss on time I can stop panicing.
Hey, Nice pics! I really like how you have gotten such solid colors on the cyc. I always have a very hard time getting "good" colors on the cyc without them being really washed out.

I have to find out, but my school has been really really paranoid about putting pictures of the inside of our school on the internet (all this lockdown stuff we have been having to practice...) Anyway, if I can manage to get some pics that dont show much except the stage alone, I'll be sure to post them here.
What I have found to be most successfuly is making sure you have the appropriate amount of lights to cover the amount of area you need. Also, the brighter your bulbs, the brighter and more defined your colors are. We use ColorTran FarCYC with 1k watt bulbs.

Thanks for your comps, would love to see your pics!
on stage our cyc looks faded form bounce light and other wash. but with diagital pics it looks really solid.
On our stage, where they key lighting places are, we have dark floor ruggs. Hardly noticable from the audience, but it stops the reflected light from our FOH ellipsoidals from bouncing onto the CYC. I dont know how that would work in a theatre environment though. The other thing is we made sure that our stage floor was not painted with a glossy or shiny paint. It is infact a brown-black-greyish mix that from the audience looks black, but doesn't reflect.

we paint our a mix of flat black and massatone. but over a week it looks like its semigloss.
im not sure what we use for our floor in our theatre.
cool, neat ideas!

Our auditorium has all the equipment it is going to get for the next 50 years, if we even get replacement bulbs it will be true magic! (got to love it when the state tells you how much money a school has to spend on stuff (like teachers etc..) and then doesnt give the school any money to pay for the important stuff let alone supplies for an auditorium!) If we ever do get bulbs, though I will be sure to look into those bulbs! How dark are the gels you are using? I am guessing that that could be some of my problem too.

Those are some good ideas about flooring. I think the theator people would flip with a rug on stage, but for concerts it might work. Anyone know of a dump where i can find some nice clean, free, black rug? hehe

The front 4 or 5 feet of my stage is hardwood (polished of course) before it switches over to black painted plywood. Talk about a floor that reflects!!! There is a pronounced line of reflection off of that hardwood, the best we can do is try to make sure that none of our lights hit that strip of wood.
ha! I have the OPPOSITE situation at my school!! 4 feet of carpeted (burgundy but faded) stage, then the rest is hardwood, polished. Kinda annoying...

at my youth group, the stage is carpeted, it's a bluish color. And it's not poofy carpet, it's pretty thin. It's the kinda stuff yoou can play basketball on. You know?? maybe not.. :) oh well!
We have a concrete stage, with a wood grain trim on our prescinium (spell?).
This would be alot easier with pics, but the Principal doesnt like the idea of pictures of the school being on the internet :-( Hopefully she'll change her mind later in the year after we have actually done some neat shows and I have good pictures.
I hope it's ok for us older folks to post our pics, if so
If not please disregard.

These are pics from Jesus Christ Superstar.
I was the set and lighting designer as well as the Stage manager and Board op.
96 etc dimmers
48/96 express
4 spots (converted sources 4's)
36 source 4's
22 altman 6x9's
10 altaman 4.5's
4 8" fresnels
18 6" fresnels
24 par 56's
4 3 cell cyc units
The theatre itself was tiny. The stage had an angled back wall so it was 15' deep stage right, 17' 6" deep center stage, and 20' stage left. The proscenium opening was 28' wide and 13' tall. There was 4' of wing space stage left and 6' SR (SR did open up into another room Via sliding door). I could afford to rent a hazer so I ran the two american dj foggers (the producer owned them) thru a series of baffles under the stage in order to create haze. We had 7 video monitors and 2 cameras (one static and one hand held) for live video feed.
i just remembered this topic even existed. and since i am such a publicity whore, i just had to post some of my lighting pics. these really aren't great since they were taken by dumb fans who don't understand how to take cool concert pics (like, not using the flash). i'm still trying to hunt down pics from my last couple gigs, since the lighting looked much cooler then. enjoy.

edit: i did manage to find some of the more recent show's some more: Grand 11 12 04/Saraphine/

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