Your oppinions about the espress series consoles.

Could you tell us how many channels it has ie: 24/48 or is it a 125/250.

also ck out

that is etc's home page and you can find the docs for your controller there.
Other than that it is quite easy to use, just follow the directions, I had to figure our board out b/c the seniors before us didnt tell us how to use it and the book was about 2" thick.
ETC's desks are usually very user-friendly and easy to use. The other good thing about ETC is that once you have their syntax down, you're ready to play with the big boards. And to answer your question, yes, I can assure you that it is much easier than it looks. Once you can program cues and submasters, the rest is real simple. Just give yourself time to get comfortable with it, and for it to get comfortable with you.
Good Luck!
I have been using ETC consoles for 6 years and I believe by far they are the easiest to learn on. I whould download the PDF manual and try to solve your problems that way or just post your questions on the forum and im sure someone will jump on it asap. :)
I haven't used an Express to control moving lights b/c we don't have any but I've read about how to do it and played around with how it works in the board. To me that was probably the most confusing or intimidating part of the console not even necessarily in that it is difficult to understand just that it's harder to figure out if you don't have any knowledge of DMX and moving lights, which was what my problem is, but like Lester said it should be easier than it looks.
Controling moving lights with the express is a pain and it taked up a minimum of 16 channels per fixture. It can be done but, I whould look at getting a different console or rent a controller. Will make your job a heck of alot easier.
Yeah, as I was playing with our Express just pretending to set up moving lights :lol: I saw how many channels it was taking up and unless you happen to have hundreds of channels to work with depending on how many lights you are using and how big your theatre is it doesn't seem very efficient in that regard.
Encoders sure do make your life alot easier!!!
Expression 3's are great.
I have used the express and the expression consoles. If you plan on using moving lights or if you want to be able to have the option of adding more channels, the express may be limiting. If you have the money I would go with the expression. The problem is though a lot of us do not have the budget for an expression3 console. I know that Strand sometimes gets a bad rap, but if you are looking for a mainly theatre type board and have a limited budget, you may want to look at the 300 console from Strand. I feel that even though the mouse is not as good as the rotories, the trackball mouse is still better than the trackpad on the express. Also, the 24/48 300 series console can be upgraded to up to 600 channels. The 300 series consoles also have the "auto move when dark" function which will automatically position moving lights for you for the next cue, which is really handy. The 300 also allows you to plug in a keyboard directly so you can label your cues.

With the express, the only way to upgrade it is to get the emphasis system which is adding cost, expense, and its harder to move around. I am looking forward to seeing what ETC will come out with to replace the express someday, but for now we just have to wait. I am looking to get a new console. I am going to try to wait to see what ETC will come out with next. If not, I may go with the 300.
Does strand have a good line of consoles? I have used one and I foget the model but I did not find it user freindly verses a ETC console. Again all I was doing was programming so I did not really have the time to really see what the Strand console chould do but I would like to hear opinions on the console since it talked about alot on this forum. I usualy control my conventionals with a moving light console and tend not to bring a 2nd console out on a job unless I need to. So Im not sure what is a good hybrid console these days.
From what I have heard, Strand consoles are great once you get to know the syntax. I've never programmed one, so I really don't know first-hand. I probably wouldn't want to go from working with ETC to learning Strand because I've heard that Strand's user manuals are not so friendly either.
I guess that Strand boards do play nice once you get to know them.

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