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ETCP (Entertainment Technician Certification Program) is a certification program for experienced entertainment technicians in North America. Applicants are qualified by their work experience to take an examination in three different categories: Rigger-Arena, Rigger-Theatre, Entertainment Electrician. The certification, which is administered by ESTA, must be renewed every five years. ETCP certification is becoming a requirement for many labor contracts in the entertainment industry. More information at

CB members who are also participants in the ETCP program include:
@abbyt, (Entertainment Electrician, Subject Matter Expert)
@Andy_Leviss, (Entertainment Electrician)
@BillConnerASTC, (Rigger-Theatre)
@BryanKacz, (Entertainment Electrician)
@cbrandt, (Entertainment Electrician)
@DanAyers, (Entertainment Electrician)
@dbthetd, (Rigger-Theatre, Recognized Trainer)
@Delbert, (Rigger-Theatre, Recognized Trainer)
@derekleffew, (Entertainment Electrician, Recognized Trainer)
@DMooreJr, (Entertainment Electrician)
@egilson1, (Rigger-Arena, Rigger-Theatre, Recognized Trainer)
@jhochb, (Entertainment Electrician)
@JohnHuntington, (Entertainment Electrician, Recognized Trainer, Subject Matter Expert)
@JRLighting, (Entertainment Electrician)
@Justin_Bennett, (Rigger-Theatre, Entertainment Electrician)
@Lsly, (Entertainment Electrician)
@Marko66, (Rigger-Arena, Rigger-Theatre, Entertainment Electrician)
@MattC, (Rigger-Theatre)
@MPowers, (Rigger-Theatre)
@MrsFooter, (Entertainment Electrician)
@Nathaniel, (Entertainment Electrician)
@Philwork, (Entertainment Electrician)
@RickR, (Entertainment Electrician)
@Roger L. Lattin, (Entertainment Electrician, Recognized Trainer)
@Rudi Aldridge, (Rigger-Theatre)
@Russ, (Rigger-Theatre)
@scparker, (Rigger-Theatre, Entertainment Electrician)
@soundman, (Rigger-Arena)
@STEVETERRY, (Entertainment Electrician, Recognized Trainer, Subject Matter Expert)
@Ted jones, (Rigger-Theatre)
@tdrga, (Entertainment Electrician)
@tprewitt, (Rigger-Arena, Rigger-Theatre)
@WayfarerAM, (Entertainment Electrician)

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