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Originally offered by [user]Van[/user], in this thread.

I should also point out that I have mostly moved from the realm of "standard" platforms and ventured into the land of "Triscuits" or stress skinned platforms. Triscuits virtually eliminate the need for legs and let you move completely into the realm of pony and knee wall construction, for the support of your platforms. BTW, I've found an excellent way to manufacture triscuits. By cutting a piece of 4'x8' x3/4" ply dead center, you wind up with a piece of 3'-11 11/16" x 4'-0". Now trim it in the other direction so you have a 3' 11-11/16" square piece. use these as the tops and bottoms of your triscuits and you have a great "no squeak" platform layout. Just use a couple of pieces of 1/8" luan as spacers when you do the layout and voila!, perfect sub floor. Actually I should note that this technicque was perfected by CB Member [user]SweetBennyFenton[/user], my former MC/SF.

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