1. AMX stands for Analog Multi-Plex, officially USITT standard: [FONT=Arial, Helvetica]AMX192 Analog Multiplex Data Transmission Standard for Dimmers and Controllers[/FONT], 1986, revised in 1987. Essentially, it is one of the predecessors to DMX (digital multiplex). AMX is a control protocol for some older lighting systems, including the popular Strand-Century CD80 dimmer, dating back to 1979. Up to 192 dimmers are controlled via one cable of two twisted-pairs. The standard allows the original Switchcraft TA-4 connector, as well as 4pin XLR. For wiring conventions, see page 22 of this document: CD80 Digital Pack Manual F0_080306.pdf.

2. AMX is also the name of an A/V control and integration company.

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