Altman Lighting, aka Altman Stage Lighting Co., is a manufacturer of Stage, Studio, Architectural, and Video lighting products. Previously located in Yonkers, NY, now in Denver, CO, Altman is probably the second most well-known name in stage lighting, following ETC. Before ETC's SourceFour was introduced in 1992, Altman's 360, and from 1974, 360Q, series of ERSs dominated venues from Community Theatres to Broadway stages for about three decades. Hundreds of thousands (if not millions) are currently hanging in the US. The 360Q series was discontinued in April 2015.

A few other popular theatrical lighting instruments by Altman include:
Altman Spectra CYC 50, 100 & 200W LED Fixtures
Altman Phoenix Ellipsoidal
Altman SPectra Strip 200, 400 & 600W LED Fixtures
Altman Spectra Par & STar Par LED Fixtures
Shakespeare Series (Altman's Source Four equivalent, comes in several fixed degrees as well as zoom) and StarPar
65/Q 6" Fresnel
The industry standard Altman Par 64 (and the not-as-popular 46 and 56)
Comet (Short-to-medium throw Followspot)
1,000Q (Short-to-medium throw Followspot)
R40 borderlight
1KAF MBP/MPF Die-Cast 6" Fresnel
The infamous 1KL ERS.

Altman is a family company founded by the late Charles Altman over 50 years ago. The company is currently run by his son, Robert Altman. Altman has been active in the development of LED lighting fixtures, including the Spectra , PHX, and Chalice (house lighting) series.

Altman...Over 50 Years of Excellence!

A name that stands for quality, durability, pride, and excellence... a name synonymous with tradition, dedication, and design innovation... a family name. For over fifty years, the Altman name has stood true as one of the leading innovators of theatrical, architectural, film and video lighting available on the market today.​
Charles Altman, the patriarch and founder, whose spirit is still alive in the company today, founded the company based on the ideals of a top quality product available at an affordable price. Ronald Altman, whose memory still inspires loyalty and will always live on as the company grows. Robert Altman, a son who leads the company in the 21st century with state of the art innovations and high quality product with his father Charlie's philosophy of maintaining a family pride in excellence. As the generations continue through the constant pursuit of excellence, these individuals as well as other family members and the complete staff of employees (who are all treated as family members) strive to keep the family philosophy alive with customer satisfaction, personal service, and a quality product that has proved to last through the test of time.​

Thank You...

From the entire Altman family, for your continued business and support. We appreciate your choosing Altman for all of your lighting needs. Its your continued interest in our product line that helps to maintain our reputation as a worldwide leader in theatrical and architectural lighting products. We look forward to serving you.​
Thanks again.​
Robert Altman​
Altman Lighting Inc.​

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