Abbr. "B/I". A cable assembly using a female multi-pin plug and multiple male cord plugs on different circuits. As Socapex-style is the most common multi-pin connector, break-ins are most commonly defined only by their male plugs, i.e., Stage-Pin break-In, L6-20 Break-In, Edison Break-In. Unlike Break-Outs, break-ins are almost always of the "even" style, with all cords the same length. If a dimmer rack or ML PD has Socapex outputs with inter-patch (pin-patch) capability, break-ins are generally not used.

Audio folk call a similar device, for use with mic snakes, a fan-in, as it fans in when plugging to the audio console's inputs.

From Lex Products website: Breakout Assembly (National Electric Code Definition). An adapter used to connect a multi-pole connector containing two or more branch circuits to multiple individual branch circuit connectors.

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