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Butterfly Knot

Also known as: The Alpine Butterfly knot, Butterfly loop, or lineman's loop...


The butterfly knot is really cool in many ways. It can be tied easily on the bight (without any end in sight), and securely hold a load in any direction. It has been found to have a tonne of different uses from rigging to mountain climbing.

This knot is a "non-jamming loop on the Bight".

There are two ways to tie this knot (that I know of)... And yes they both result in the SAME knot, unlike the pipe hitch with two distinct variations.

Method #1: The Palm Method:
  1. With the rope running along your palm from thumb to bottom, take the bottom and loop it around your hand to create three loops.
  2. Take the First loop and place it between the other two.
  3. Take the Second Loop (closest to your wrist now) and pull out the bight that will form the final loop.
  4. Pass this loop under the other two (against your plam).
  5. Take your hand out, and pull the ends tight.

Method #2: The Twisty Way:
  1. Twist the rope twice, creating a smaller loop and a larger away from the rest of the rope.
  2. Turn the large loop over the rest of the knot.
  3. Pull the large loop THROUGH the small loop.
  4. Pull Tight.

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