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A Brief History

Originally posted in the Lighting Board:

After a little digging through what things were called, here is a brief list of remote devices, acronyms and all, made to interface with consoles by ETC.

Handheld Remote Focus Unit – For the Concept Console (also available was the Designer’s Remote)

Designer’s Worksheet – A user-definable touch pad available for the Expression Family of consoles

Infra Red Remote Focus Unit (the original IRFU) – An infrared remote compatible with the Microvision FX, Concept, Insight, Impression, and Expression consoles.

Remote Focus Unit (RFU, RFU2) – “…a wired remote control unit that you can use to set channel levels, check dimmers, or run cues from virtually any location in your theatre…”; later added more functionality for macros and button layout more similar to the console.

Remote Interface Unit (RI or RIU) – A Net1 device allowing the connection of a Designer’s Worksheet, RFU, and a keyboard to the lighting network

Remote Video Interface (RVI) – A network device allowing the connection of a keyboard, Designer’s Worksheet, RFU, Obsession Remote Display Control, and Dual VGI Monitors. The Net1 device has both a UTP and a ThinNet connection

Obsession Designer’s Remote Console (DRC) – A full programming and playback keyboard for Obsession Consoles that is run on the ETCNet network. It supports connection of an alphanumeric keyboard, printer, and two VGA monitors.

Obsession Remote Focus Unit (RFU) – Same as RFU above but with Obsession syntax

Obsession TouchPad – A touch screen version of the Obsession RFU that also allows the selection of display modes of any monitor connected to the RIU/RVI to which the unit is attached. Also allows for the selection of certain softkeys.

Net2 DMX Node – Only mentioned because it has the option for a RFU port
Net2 Video Node – A Net2 Version of the RVI with ports available for a keyboard, RFU, and 2 VGA monitors.

Emphasis Wireless Remote Focus Unit (WRFU) – A RFU program that runs on a Pocket PC utilizing wireless networking and Net2 protocols to communicate with an Emphasis server.

Obsession Wireless Remote Focus Unit (WRFU) – A RFU program that runs on a Pocket PC utilizing wireless networking and Net2 protocols to communicate with an Obsession server.

Radio Remote Focus Unit (RRFU) – A wireless handheld remote for Express and Expression Family consoles. This model uses the RFU port in the system to connect to the console.

Congo Radio Remote Focus Unit (CRRFU) – Very similar to the RRFU, the wireless handheld remote is designed for the Congo syntax. There are two versions of this remote: a version that uses the RFU XLR port on the Congo Console that was later replaced by the USB version that connects to an available USB port on either the Congo or Congo Jr. Consoles.

Net3 Remote Video Interface (Net3 RVI) – Features: Local control or synchronization with Eos, Ion, Element, Congo and Congo Jr. Consoles; Access to all programming functions on most consoles (Element excluded); 20 User programmable front panel buttons Interfaces: Ethernet port, Video Output with splitter supports 2 - DVI/SVGA external displays with optional touch screen control, USB (4 ports)

Net3 Radio Focus Remote (Net3 RFR or RFR) – Wireless remote compatible with Eos Family (Eos/Ion/Element) and Congo Family (Congo/Congo Jr.) Consoles; connected via USB or Ethernet with PoE to the lighting network; rechargeable NiMH batteries (charged via USB Cable); provides commonly used commands as well as soft keys for additional commands and two encoders for additional moving light support.

iRFR – A program for iPod Touch and iPhone that allows for the remote control of a Net3 compatible ETC console (Eos Family and Congo Family). The program features a virtual version of an RFR interface, virtual encoder pages to select parameters, and a live color picker. The app is available in the iTunes App store with all of the proceeds going to your choice of industry charity (Light Relief (UK) or Behind the Scenes (US)). More information is available at ETC Connect.

Before I get called on it, yes I did intentionally leave out Remote Processor Units for the various consoles.
Hope that helps sort out some of the confusion (not add to it).

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