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A method of distributing DMX512 using category 5, 5e, 6 computer networking cable. The signal IS NOT converted to a network signal, and thus standard router s, hub s, switch es, etc. CANNOT be used.

It's been standard procedure for a short time to use CAT5, rather than DMX, cable for permanently wiring. CAT5 is slightly less-expensive, more familiar to contractors, and allows a degree of future-proofing--the connectors/wall plates can be changed at a later date to allow computer networking without the need to re-pull the wire.

The use of CAT5 cable for portable applications is hotly debated, but most agree that for now, it's best continue using DMX (EIA-485) compliant cable with 5pin XLR connectors.

A standard pin-out has been established. From :
Pin (Wire) #Wire ColorDMX512 Function
1white / orangedata 1+
2orangedata 1-
3white / greendata 2+ (optional)
6greendata 2- (optional)
4blueNot assigned
5white / blueNot assigned
7white / brown(Common Reference) for Data 1 (0v)
8brown(Common Reference) for Data 2 (0v)

Note also the caveats involved, as detailed on the site.

One of many threads on the topic: .

Do not confuse with DMX-over-Ethernet.

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