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E1.24 Standard

On November 16, 2012, the ANSI/PLASA E1.24 standard for Stage Pin Connector Configurations was adopted by reference in the UL498 standard for Attachment Plugs and Receptacles.

The effect of this is:

1. By November 16, 2015 all existing Listed Stage Pin Connectors must be reevaluated to the E1.24 standard. If necessary, their dimensions will need to be modified to comply with E1.24.
2. All stage pin connectors must now be tested to a common dimensional standard in E1.24.
3. The E.24 configurations are now the official equivalent of NEMA configurations, but for Stage Pin Connectors.

This event marks the culmination of an effort of more than 30 years, beginning with USITT and then moving to ESTA, then PLASA, back to ESTA. Common configurations and dimensional requirements for these connectors should produce a material increase in safety by ensuring that connectors of different manufacturers can be mated without concerns about poor fit, excessive temperature rise, and other failure modes caused by the previous lack of a common configuration.

It is also worth noting that E1.24 is the first PLASA entertainment industry standard that has been adopted by UL.

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