Short for Feeder Cable. Single conductor wire used as mains power. Usually runs from the Company Switch to the dimmer rack(s), and/or power distribution rack(s). Most common sizes are 4/0, or 0000 (pronounced four-aught); or 2/0 (00), but can be as small as #2 AWG (the smallest single-conductor feeder size allowed in theatres in the US). In the US, it is usually terminated with Cam-lok E1016-compatible, single-pole, locking connectors.

Further information can be found in the ESTA TSP draft: BSR E1.18-1 - 200x, Standard for the selection, installation, and use of single-conductor portable power feeder cable systems for use at 600 volts nominal or less for the distribution of electrical energy in the entertainment and live-event industries, in public review until 02/24/09. PDF available for download here.

[Note: Need to update this once the draft becomes a standard.]

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