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Hang Tape

A temporary ribbon, noting the location, type, and often circuiting of fixtures, attached to the hanging position to allow lighting technicians to quickly and accurately hang and circuit lights without having to refer to the light plot or use measuring tapes. Can be gaffer's tape applied to jute webbing with grommets and tieline, or adding machine tape, paper drywall tape, magic marker on a 1" white cloth tape, or unmarked yellow police caution tape. Once the position has been hung, circuited, and tested, the tape is removed.

Also called a "Pipe Tape" or "Truss Tape" (NOT for pipe taping trusses together!) and the pre-viz program WYSIWYG™ even has a "Print Pipe Tape" function where it will print a scaled hang tape to an adding machine-, or cash register receipt-, style printer.
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Often used in touring productions with single hung fixtures, or anywhere speed and accuracy in hanging is desired.

In the picture below, note the jute webbing temporarily hung on the electric.
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