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Hot Pocket

1. Lighting. Hot Pockets are circuits providing constant 120v power on a portable dimmer rack. These circuits are routed directly through a breaker and not through a dimmer. Unlike a convenience outlet, they can be patched into a Socapex output, just like any of the dimmers in the rack. This allows the user to send a circuit of of non-dimmed power to a remote location (such as an electric or truss) for powering either an accessory (color scroller, gobo rotator, etc.) or a moving light.

2. Food. An, arguably, tasty microwavable snack. A major source of nutrition (!?), or at least sustenance, for many college students and theatre technicians. Somewhat similar to Sweeney Todd's meat pies, although the origin of "meat" in Hot Pockets may be questionable.

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