A brand name, no longer manufactured, for hardboard (or HDF--High Density Fiberboard) most often used as stage flooring and riser facings. Available in two thicknesses, 1/8" and 1/4", and either Un-tempered, or Tempered, both or one side. The latter is probably the most common, and is easily identified by the crosshatch patten on the back resulting from the tempering rollers.

Hardboard has virtually no strength or rigidity, but is inexpensive, takes paint well, and provides a nice uniform surface for acting or dancing.

The Masonite company now specializes solely in doors made from composite materials.

One, albeit very expensive, replacement/improvement is STAGELAM - Stage And Dance Flooring - Stage Floors - Stage Floor, High Quality Flooring/Decking for Permanent and Portable Stages. Others include Medite and Plyron.

A replacement for Masonite, Duron, has also been discontinued. See also this post:

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