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(Note the spelling: FAY is a 650W PAR36 lamp; FEY is a 2000W Compact-Filament, Double-Ended T8 lamp.)
AKA "9-Light," most often used in concert lighting as "Audience Blinders" and using the DWE lamp. Originally developed by Mole-Richardson for use in film lighting. A switch on the back of each lamp-holder allowed up to nine different intensities from one fixture, without the use of a dimmer.

Other variants for rock-show lighting are the 8-Light, 4-Light, Inline 4-Light, and 2-Light which use the same DWE lamp in various configurations. See ProCan products more more information.

All of the above are often shortened by R&R lighting folk to just "Moles".

The third type of blinder is the 20-Light, which uses 12V MR-16 lamps wired in series (2 circuits of ten lamps each), wiring similar to the Mini-Strip.

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