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Pipe Hitch

A very useful knot when you need it, commonly used to lift a load while keeping it vertical (or making it vertical during lift).
There are two versions of the Pipe Hitch.

The one I use in essence is actually three different knots used together, a Clove Hitch and two (or more) half hitches. I Like this version better.

To Tie a pipe Hitch:
1) Create a half hitch around the pipe, around 3/4 way up.
2) Create a half hitch around the pipe, around 1/2 way up. Making sure the line between the half hitches remains taught.
3) Tie A Clove Hitch, some distance below the second half hitch.

To Tie a Traditional Pipe Hitch:
1) Take four or five turns around the pipe.
2) Cross the end over the turns, and affix it to the other end with a Double Half Hitch.
3) Make an Underhand Loop, and pass it over the end of the pipe to stabilize (making a half hitch partway between the rest of the pipe hitch and the top, much like the other pipe hitch version).

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