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Reef Knot

AKA the Square Knot.

The Reef (Square) Knot, courtesy of Wikipedia.

This binding knot, which is technically a bend is often misused as a bend (Bends tie two ends of ropes together). The Square knot can easily be miss-tied to form the Granny knot, Thief Knot or Grief Knot. Also the Reef knot can capsize (pull apart) if one of the loose ends gets pulled on which makes it dangerous.
The only way this knot should be used as a bend is if both ends are cinched properly. A Better bend is better to use however.

This knot is tied by first forming a left-handed overhand knot and then a right-handed overhand knot, or vice versa. If both are tied same-handed then you get the famous (and weak) granny knot. The Thief knot (on Wikipedia) (or Grief Knot) is tied so one of the ends emerges on the side of the other.

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