1. Document given to the theater before signing the rental contract. List of the group's requests. Lists the equipment that should be used, staff that should be provided, any hospitality requests.
May be separated into a Technical Rider, and a Hospitality Rider.

The Smoking Gun has a collection of riders posted on its site. It should be noted that the rider, like all parts of the contract, is negotiable by both parties involved.

The legal definition from http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Rider:
A rider is an attachment, schedule, amendment, or other writing that is annexed (added) to a document in order to modify it. The changes may be small or large, but in either case the primary purpose of the rider is to avoid rewriting or redrafting the document entirely. The language of the rider is understood to be incorporated into the document. Riders are commonly used in contracts and records and also have complex uses in legislation and insurance.

2. In truck pack/loader vernacular, a "rider" is a case, box, or object without casters that sits atop another larger case. Thus the cry "Watch the rider" is heard repeatedly when cases are being wheeled down truck ramps.

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