Roscolene . An acetate plastic color media made by Rosco Laboratories. Widely popular from 1955 until the 1980s when the longer lasting Roscolux superseded it.

Eleven Roscolene colors are even purported to possess medical healing powers, see and .

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They introduced Roscolene in 1955, and it is still offered today. Initially, it was a surface-coated filter, but eventually it became an extruded-body colored filter. Rosco created more colors, and by 1959, the numbering system was unworkable, [Stan] Miller says. "We went to 201-283 for gel and 801-883 for Roscolene." The Roscolene range evolved over the years. In 1960, lighting designer Abe Feder asked Miller to bring color samples as he developed his plot for the new musical, Camelot. "With lights on a pipe and [scenic designer] Oliver Smith's sketches, Feder tried different color combinations. That night 841 and 843 were created for the lavender-rich musical."

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