Selecon is a manufacturer of lighting instruments based in New Zealand.
Their website is: Selecon Lighting

They produce a wide line of Fresnels, PC's, Ellipsoidals, Cyc lights, and even Followspots. Selecon products are known for their clever design innovations and superb optics.

The Selecon Pacific Ellipsoidals use a unique design to vent the vast majority of heat out the top of the instrument. These instruments run so cool you can touch the metal shutters and not be burned, they use a plastic barrel, and most amazingly you can print your own color gobos using standard color transparency film from the office supply store (there is a heat shielding holder required for using transparencies and a 575W lamp, but no fans or special materials required).

Another area where Selecon fixtures excel is their range of Aurora and Hui cyc lights.

In the US, Selecon is not as well known and therefore not considered as often for purchasing. Among those who do know Selecon products in the US there is a general perception that they are as good or better than the typical US products, but too expensive. While it is true some of their products do cost more than the US competitors there are also some that cost the same or less. As always, getting a demo to judge for yourself and a price quote is the best advice.

In April 2009, lighting behemoth Philips purchased Selecon and merged the company with Strand, replacing all of Strand's previous fixture line. Product Catalog | Strand Lighting - A Philips Group Brand.

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