1. A (brand name which has become generic like Leko™) type of connector used for the distribution of power to lighting instruments. The origin of Socapex (which is a french name) is :SOC.iété AP.plication et EX.ploitation du procédé ponsautl. It has 19 pins allowing for 6 circuits. Can supply either 120V or 208V depending on what the male is plugged into and what breakout is plugged into the female end. Often wired with 12/14 cable, whereby the 6 grounds are bussed together on wires 13 & 14. Other manufacturers of a compatible connector are Veam, Lex, Link LKS, and Kupo.

2. Another style of Socapex has seven pins, is often wired with 16/7 cable, and is used for hoist (Chain Motor) power and control.

From TMB's site:

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