1. A (brand name which has become generic like Leko™) type of connector used for the distribution of power to lighting instruments. The origin of Socapex (which is a french name) is :SOC.iété AP.plication et EX.ploitation du procédé ponsautl. It has 19 pins allowing for 6 circuits. Can supply either 120V or 208V depending on what the male is plugged into and what breakout is plugged into the female end. Often wired with 12/14 cable, whereby the 6 grounds are bussed together on wires 13 & 14. Other manufacturers of a compatible connector are Veam, Lex, Link LKS, and Kupo.


2. Another style of Socapex has seven pins, is often wired with 16/7 cable, and is used for hoist (Chain Motor) power and control.

From TMB's site:
"What is the pin out on a 7-pin Socapex?
There is no standard wiring on a 7-pin connector for motor control. Normally the center pin, (#5), is used for the ground. However, the pins used for control and the pins used for power vary from rental company to rental company. Usually they are in groups - [1,2,3, control], [4,6,7 power], or [1,2,3, power], [4,6,7 control]. There is no industry standard, so you should always double check the wiring of any equipment that is sub rented and used with your gear. The reason to double check your gear is that 7-pin connectors carry power and control together and there is a potential for harming the equipment or the operator if the wiring configuration is not confirmed."

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