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Submittals are the documentation submitted by a vendor to the Construction Manager, Architect, or Theatre Consultant for approval on a construction project. This is typically issued after the vendor has an order, but before they have approval on the equipment they plan to ship.

The submittal set will typically include riser diagrams for control and power conductors, physical and electrical drawings of equipment to be supplied, and a Bill of Materials showing everything being supplied by the vendor. There may also be notes outlining installation requirements that must be adhered to by the electrical contractor. A competent vendor takes these installation requirements seriously and takes great pains to outline them as clearly as possible. This avoids discussion after the installation. Contractor:"I wired it with #14 wires, where does it say I had to use #10 wires?" Vendor: "Look at note 7 on sheet 2"

The Theatre Consultant or Architect will typically sign the submittals or mark them up with corrections or rejections (also known as "bleeding red on the submittals").

Sometimes a well-practiced game ensues: the Consultant has specified an item by name or performance, and the vendor has bid on that spec. After getting an order, the vendor submits a piece of equipment that they want to use, perhaps as a cheaper or lower performing alternative to what was actually specified.

It is not a given that the consultant will agree with the vendor's choice, especially if the vendor is the low bid, but with materially different equipment than the consultant had in mind.

One consultant has a rubber stamp in 24-point type that they use liberally on submittals: "Read the Spec!"

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