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Trucker's Hitch

A knot with a few variations, but in essence all doing the same thing with the same concept. This knot is used to pull a line very tight with the use of mechanical advantage.

I have seen this knot tied with a slip knot, noose, or butterfly knot. Seen it Tied with an end or on the bight.


How to tie the above Trucker's Hitch:
  1. Affix one end.
  2. Tie a butterfly knot on the bight along the line.
  3. Pass the end though your loop/ring or whatever securing device you are using.
  4. Pass the end though the loop of the butterfly.
  5. Pull taught.
  6. Cinch with a half hitch, and a slipknot (to make it easy to untie).
How to Tie a Trucker's Hitch with a Butterfly, clove hitch and a slipknot:
  1. Affix one end...(However... Clove hitch perhaps) I don't care.
  2. Tie a Butterfly Knot somewhere along the bight.
  3. Tie a Clove Hitch to secure the other end. Make sure there is a bunch of line coming out with the end from the clove hitch.
  4. Tie a Slipknot near the clove hitch, between it and the butterfly (so that the side that slips faces the clove hitch... Can be done the other way too).
  5. Take the loose line from the other end of the clove hitch, and pass it though the loop of the butterfly.
  6. Then pass the end though the slipknot (the slipknot will close and help hold it tight).
  7. Pull the end bloody tight.
  8. Double Half Hitch the end to the butterfly...or where-ever secure really. This will hold the trucker's hitch super tight.
The Loops act like sheaves allowing mechanical advantage on the line.

Trucker's Hitch in Popular Media

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