Tungsten Halogen

A Tungsten Halogen lamp is an incandescent lamp in which a tungsten filament is sealed into a compact transparent envelope filled with an inert gas and a small amount of halogen such as iodine or bromine.

The halogen cycle increases the lifetime of the bulb and prevents its darkening by redepositing tungsten from the inside of the bulb back onto the filament. The halogen lamp can operate its filament at a higher temperature than a standard gas filled lamp of similar power without loss of operating life. This gives it a higher luminous efficacy (10-35 lumens per watt). It also produces a higher color temperature light compared to a non-halogen incandescent lamp.

In addition, it may be designed to have perhaps twice the life with the same or slightly higher efficacy. Because of their smaller filament size, Tungsten Halogen lamps can be used with optical systems that are more efficient.

For more, see OSRAM SYLVANIA:Sylvania Automotive Lighting Catalog.

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