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Unistrut is a Brand or Trade name which, like Crescent Wrench, is often applied to a wide variety of product from many different Manufacturers, which fit the description of steel support channel. The Original Unistrut is manufactured by the Unistrut Company, a division of Tyco International.
Unistrut was originally developed as a faster cheaper alternative to steel framing, since it did not require welding and all the hardware was reusable. Unistrut is often used to support conduit, IT cable raceways, walkways, and plumbing. Unistrut is structurally rated.

Carriers and other accessories can be purchased for Unistrut for a variety of different needs.


The use of Unistrut-type mounting devices for lighting fixtures divides into two categories: the ambivalents who tolerate it, and those who hate it and will use it only after exhausting every other option.

A popular compatible competitor is Kindorf® SuperStrut®. See also Kindorf.

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