A termination system for wire rope, allowing for easy adjustment.

The patented, fully adjustable, self-locking retention /suspension system that belongs on every Grip and Lighting truck in the Movie and TV Industries.

The Verlock is a patented, locking, one step adjustable suspension device.
Quick and simple to use, Verlock radically reduces installation time.

Depress the plunger and the Verlock glides smoothly up and down the cable to where you need it. Release the plunger and the steel-sprung three-ball mechanism grips even wet and oily cable. The greater the pull, the stronger the grip. The Verlock is designed for use in conjunction with snaps, carabiners or the fastener of your choice.

VER SALES, INC. - Verlock and Verlock Jr.

For a similar purpose device, see Gripple.

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