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Wireless mic techniques vary greatly depending on the demands of a particular production. Things like wardrobe, action on stage, and "the human instrument" will all affect this greatly. There are therefore many different approaches to wireless microphone techniques particularly in musical theatre.

Some different aspects are:

  • Type of microphone & transmitter.
  • Location of microphone
  • Location of transmitter
  • method of "affixing" the microphone to the performer

We endeavor to have an brief description of the primary methods typically used.

Handheld wireless microphone s are typically not used (professionally) for musical theatre or at least sparingly.
Typically various "body mic" and "beltpack" transmitters are used depending on various criteria.

Typical combinations and methods for wireless microphones are:
  • Hairline mic with a beltback transmitter
  • Lavalier Lapel microphone with a transmitter in pocket (see this a lot in TV interviews)
  • ...

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