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A term sometimes used generically, a hardware device for setting the DMX address of a Color Kinetics ColorBlast 12 and similar products. Since the luminaire has no thumbwheel, dip switch, or other means to set its address, they may be controlled one of two ways:
1. Using the Zapi, the address is set and associated with the fixture's unique serial number. Power supplies have multiple identical outputs; it doesn't matter which fixture goes into which output.
2. The power supply determines the address of each fixture. Only the information for each address is present at each output. The first fixture must be plugged into Output#1, the second into #2, and so on. City Theatrical PDS-750-TR™.pdf.
Sometimes the functions of the Zapi are built in to the power supply, allowing the user to use the same power supply in one of the two modes above.

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