1. Tool. Replaceable, interchangeable working end of a rotary tool. Drill bit, router bit, screw bit.

2. Acting. Piece of onstage business or routine. Comedy bit. From :
A 'bit' in stand-up comedy is an individual routine on a certain topic; if a comic's set is like a rock album, consider a bit as an individual song. A series of bits add up to a complete set.

3. Equestrian. The metal part of a horse's bridle that goes in the mouth. Bit and bridle.

4. General. A small amount. Director to LD, "Can we have the cyc just a bit more green?" LD to Director, "We can, but seeing as how I have zero green cyc lights up there, that's going to be a bit of a challenge."

5. Electronics/Computers. One digit in a binary string. Can either be one (known as true) or zero (known as false). Similar concept in digital electronics, a one value being the presence of a signal, zero being the lack of a signal.

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