dynamic mic

A dynamic microphone has a diaphragm often made of a very thin piece of plastic. As the sound waves hit the diaphragm, the diaphragm vibrates the voice coil which is loosely wound around a magnet. The voice coil vibrates around the magnet and electrical current is pushed through the conductive voice coil, forming the signal that is then routed to an audio mixer or other destination.


Photo Courtesy of ProSoundWeb

Dynamic microphones are relatively inexpensive, are known for being rugged and being able to last for many years in harsh conditions, and while there aren't many to be found in recording studios, they have been the backbone of the live sound industry, particularly the Shure SM58. The SM58 is the most popular dynamic microphone for decades, having undergone subtle changes since its release in 1966.


Photo Courtesy of Shure

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