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Clearly, the opposite of westcoasting (although that term has varying definitions). As it applies to preparing a backdrop or drapery for storage, could mean to lower and spread the drop out face up on the stage, then folding.

From the site of Grosh Scenic Rentals:
Once you have the drop laid out on a clean surface, two individuals can carefully refold the drop back into the small rectangular form, and roll it for insertion into the plastic bag (see diagram below). Hopefully you probably put the plastic bag that the drop arrived in someplace safe, where you can now locate it. After you locate it, place the drop inside, seal the bag and get the box ready for shipment.

1. With the painted side up, lay the drop on the clean floor.

2. Skip the first two feet and begin folding in a fan-like manner. Repeat process until the drop is fan-folded about two feet wide.

3. Fold the two-foot flap over to contain the drop.

4. From the bottom, roll the drop with the tag exposed. Place into the provided plastic bag.

It should be noted that each scenic shop has its own method of folding a drop, and if at all possible, rented drops should be returned in as close a manner as which they arrived as possible.

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