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As a noun, a material that is composed of a number of layers (usually sheet goods). This composition increases stability and resists warping. As a verb, the process of creating such material.

Wood laminate is usually compressed sawdust board or chipboard that has a plastic wood grain glued the sides to make it look like a more expensive wood (popular on cheap furniture.) As time goes on, wear and tear as well as degradation of the glue tend to make this veneer fall off.

To laminate paper is the process by which plastic sheeting is melted around a piece of paper or other paper-thin like material to protect it from writing and water.

In the concert touring industry, a laminate is a road crewperson's backstage pass, serves as one's credential, worn on a lanyard around one's neck. As in "What's the difference between a homeless person and a roadie? A laminate."

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