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lining board

A tool to assist the Scenic Artist in the lay out of straight lines. Often used in the process of cartooning, lining boards can also be helpfull during the aplication of paint.
Lining Boards can be of varying lengths but usually are three to four feet long or six to eight feet long. A lining board is usually constructed of CVG or #1 grade lumber, this assusres it is straight and that there are no knot holes or wain to catch a pencil or brush on. A handle, usually stiffened by a gusset, is attached in the center of the length of the board. Note that one side of the board is typically ripped at an angle to keep paints, dyes from being pulled under the edge of the board. This is and important feature as a lining board is often set out of the way while still on the surface of the scenery and the inadvertant transfer of color could create hours of extra work to repair.
Images Courtesy of Van McQueen/VJMagick Inc.
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