1. To an artist, a collection of colors.

2. The surface upon which paints are mixed.

3. Referring to moving light consoles, a storage area for specific moving light parameters: intensity palettes, focus (position) palettes, color palettes, and beam palettes. One builds cues first by creating palettes, then the cues reference them. That way, if a fixture needs to be moved or its color altered, changing the palette the cue references also changes the cue. The original Artisan, by Vari*Lite, called position palettes "preset focuses."

4. A current series of control consoles by Strand Lighting, and may also refer to the original Strand Century Light Palette of 1979, continuously updated until 1994, with the introduction of the 500-series. Today, Strand's Palette range is the lesser-cost line, and the Light Palette range is the upper-end (not unlike how Strand used to have the MiniLightPalette and full LightPalette).
Stand Lighting Classic Palette II

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